Meet the World Record holding and award winning team!

Chris "Chatter box" Kennedy

Customer experience Manager


Chris has become a local icon over the time hes been with Arctic Stone, known for his genuine customer service and ability to chat with anyone (been seen talking to a wall before). Chris is one of the main heads behind the success of Arctic Stone, hard work and a passion for constant improvement and learning, combined with his Black belt in Jiu Jitsu has led Chris to become the most lethal ice cream man in Ireland (maybe even the world). His favourite part of the job is experince creating, wether it be interacting with groups, families or cororparete clients, no 2 days are the same for our Chris. Wether its rain or shine youll be hard pushed to find this guy not on a good buzz serving up some of the best rolls in the world.  “Working for a business that cares about its staff is what its all about!” 

Fun fact: Chris has an identical twin sister 

Digital Marketing, creativity, and product development

Roberto joined Arctic Stone in the Sunny Summer of 2018 and has never looked back. Since joining he has played a pivotal role in the daily operations and growing the brand. Offering his hand during the busiest times, and coming to the rescue on multiple occasions after a last-minute call. He became quickly known as Mr reliable. His most memorable performances include digging deep at Electric Picnic, kaleidoscope festival, and where he persevered for 24 hours in an attempt to break a World Record. Putting his strengths, willpower and perseverance to the test all in the name of the cream. Learning and developing his abilities to deal with a fast paced environment along with customer service skills, hes become a consistent figure over the years.  

Fun fact- He can play 3 instruments at the same time 

Sam Carse

Architect of Cream

One of the longest serving and senior members of the Arctic Stone Team. Sam has been serving ice-cream since the early days. With legendary dance moves, endless wit, as well as unrivaled van driving capabilities – he brings a unique calmness to any (ice-cream based) creamy situation. 
Fun Fact: Sam also works as an Architect