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How do you Frappé?

The beloved Frappé, known as 'frap-pay,' takes its name from the French term for 'iced.' Crafted from a delightful fusion of water, espresso, sugar, milk, and ice, it's carefully shaken, blended, or beaten to achieve a luxurious consistency. Often presented in a tall glass, it's adorned with whipped cream and tantalising toppings like sweet sauces. While traditionally tied to coffee, the Frappé has ventured into new realms, embracing variations incorporating tea, juice, and even hot chocolate.

The process involves blending coffee with ingredients such as sugar, milk, vanilla, or sweet sauces, depending on the chosen method—a shaker, Frappé maker, or blender. For the ultimate texture, an ice-crushing blender excels, surpassing a shaker in crafting the perfect Frappé consistency.

The coffee-centric tradition of the Frappé has evolved, welcoming innovative adaptations with teas, juices, or hot chocolate, showcasing the drink's versatility. Originating in Europe, this beloved blended beverage has flourished with diverse interpretations over the years.

The Frappé's character varies worldwide. In Greece, it might feature instant coffee, sugar, water, and optionally milk, vigorously shaken to create a frothy layer. Bulgarians may opt for soda instead of water, while Danes favour milk. Serbia elevates the Frappé with milk, ice cream, and freshly whipped cream. Boston offers a distinct variation, presenting a milkshake-like version simply as 'frap.' Meanwhile, Ireland boasts its signature iteration, blending coffee with Irish cream liqueur, milk, and chocolate syrup.

Ireland, famed for its vibrant café culture, showcases delightful spins on the classic Frappé. From Dublin to Cork, cafes tantalise patrons with innovative twists like the Irish Cream Frappé, blending rich coffee with the smooth, indulgent notes of Irish cream liqueur. In Galway, some cafes entice with tantalising Chocolate Mint Frappés, blending creamy chocolate with refreshing mint flavours—a true sensory delight.

For Frappé enthusiasts, Ireland offers a unique and tantalising journey through flavour, epitomising the creativity and innovation of its café scene.

The origins of the Frappé date back to the mid-19th century, with early versions resembling slushy or iced coffee textures. However, it wasn't until 1957 at the Thessaloniki International Fair in Greece that the Frappé gained widespread recognition. Legend has it that during a Nestlé demonstration, a coffee crisis led to the invention of the modern Frappé—a blend of instant coffee granules, cold water, and ice, shaken to perfection. This innovative version remains a staple in Greek coffee culture.

The intriguing aspect of the "traditional" Frappé lies in its use of instant coffee. The process of drying coffee concentrates its solids, resulting in a viscous solution that easily traps tiny air bubbles, akin to a meringue. This foam, akin to espresso crema but thicker and more stable, owes its stability to the emulsion formed by dissolved instant coffee, which is more stable than regular brewed coffee.

As we've witnessed on our Frappé journey, the methods and flavours are as diverse as they are delightful. Visit Arctic Stone to experience some of the most exquisite stone-cold drinks freshly prepared just for you.


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