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Arctic Stone was inspired by the popular hand rolled ice cream method from Thailand. It began to appear on the streets of Bangkok six years ago and has spread in popularity across South-East Asia. Whilst travelling Asia, founder Caolán Cullen, was taken in by the art form that is hand-rolled ice cream but knew that the end product could be drastically improved by using only the best dairy and base ingredients in creating the product. On returning to Ireland, Cáolan purchased his own cold-plate and with family and friends, created what are some of Arctic Stone's signature flavours.

With our uniquely creamy texture and multi award winning flavours, we believed that with the balance of Eastern techniques with freshest and highest quality Irish produce, we have created the most unique and best tasting ice cream in Ireland. The public seemed to be enthralled with both the quality and the theatre of each creation, making it Ireland's most talked about food market stall. Today you can find Caolán and crew rolling in store and at markets nationwide.

Ice Cream
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