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Arctic Stone x Manna Drone Delivery: Artisan Irish Ice Cream Delivered by Drone in 3 Minutes!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Arctic Stone by Drone ❗❗ Our Ice cream is flying out.. literally 👀✈


Attention Oranmore, Co Galway, we have some exciting news! We have teamed up with Manna Drone Delivery to be their Official Irish Ice cream partner 😱

Have you ever had an ice cream craving so intense you just need it NOW. Well, we've got you covered - we can deliver ice cream in 3 minutes 🍨😮

You can now get Arctic Stone delivered by drone. This really takes things to the next level ⬆️👀 Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's ice cream! 😅


Manna Drone Delivery make 3 minute delivery a reality, using custom-developed aerospace grade drones. They fly at an altitude of 80 metres and a speed of over 80kph - delivering within a 2km radius in less than 3 minutes👌

We have teamed up with Manna Drone Delivery to bring four of our signature ice cream flavours to you:


The flavours we have launched are:

Cookie Monster 🍪

Berry Cheesecake 🍓

Salted Caramel 🍚

Vegan Cookie Monster🌱


Our delicious ice cream is handmade in Ireland with:

Quality Ingredients 🍓

No Preservatives✖

No Palm Oil ❌

Vegan/Dairy-Free Options 🌱

100% Compostable Packaging 🌍

Manna Drone's 3 minute delivery means:

Cravings ✔

Last minute dessert plans ✔

Date night ✔

Treat for the kids ✔


It's exciting getting Arctic Stone delivered to your door by air in 3 minutes ✈😱🍨


We are buzzing to launch this exciting collaboration - it is really taking Arctic Stone delivery to new heights 😋 We are so excited to have launched with the future of food delivery! ✈🍨

If you want to get ice cream delivered by drone in 3 minutes you can order from Manna Drone Delivery here.

Or if you are based in Dublin/Bray you can order now from us for collection or delivery!

Let us know what you think and where you want to see us next 👀😏


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