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Arctic Stone: Our Main Menu - Hand Rolled Ice Cream, Cookies, Hot Fudge Brownies, Cheesecake & More

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Our award-winning ice cream is handmade in Ireland with no preservatives, no palm oil, top-notch ingredients and comes in 100% compostable packaging. The best part? You can get our delicious ice cream delivered straight to your door or order for collection from our Blackrock store (although we are operating as delivery only at the moment) 🍨🚚

At Arctic Stone, we fully customise our orders. So, you can create your own ice cream with loads of flavours to choose from. We’ve got you covered with the classics, vegan options and dairy-free alternatives too – really just options for everyone! ❤

Check out our main menu (orders can be made on the 'Order Online' Part of our website)



First choose whether you want delivery 🚚 or collection 🛍



Arctic Stone Hot Fudge Brownies and Kinder Bueno Ice Cream

Ice Cream & Brownies

1 Litre of Ice Cream 🍨

2 Brownies 🍫

With toppings & a sauce of your choice!

Arctic Stone Netflix and Chill Bundle

Netflix and Chill Bundle

1 litre of ice cream 🍨

2 DIY brownies 🍫

2 slices of DIY cheesecake 🍰

Arctic Stone DIY Cookies

DIY Cookies Sandwich

4 cookies (2 chocolate chip, 2 white chocolate) 🍪

1 Litre of ice cream 🍨



Arctic Stone Cookie Monster Ice Cream

Cookie Monster

This combo is a batch made in heaven!

Made with Chocolate chip cookies 🍪 & dark chocolate 🍫

Arctic Stone Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Salty Caramel


This caramel-ts in your mouth.

Made using smooth Waterford Dulce de leche & real Maldron sea salt flakes 🍨🧂

Arctic Stone Kinder Bueno Ice Cream

Muy Bueno

Everyone goes hazelnuts for this.

Made with Kinder Bueno Pieces and Chopped Nuts.

*Top Tip: Add White Chocolate Drops for an extra crunch

Arctic Stone Vegan Berry Ice Cream

Berry Neccessities (V)

This ice-cream is ex-straw-dinery

Our classic Vegan Berry Necessities is made with a medley of summer berries - strawberries, raspberries & blackberries 🍓🍨

Arctic Stone Smores Ice Cream

Gimme Smoreo

Tastes like smore!

Made with Crushed Oreo, Marshmallows & Dark chocolate 🍫🍨

Arctic Stone Banoffee Pie Ice Cream

Banoffee Pie

This is very a-peeling

Our signature Banoffee pie - fresh banana, crunchy biscuit and Waterford Dulce de leche all infused into our award-winning real vanilla cream base 🍌🍨

Arctic Stone Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Go Nuts (Vegan)

Eating this will make you sweet not salty.

Made with Crunchy Peanut butter & Dark Chocolate

Arctic Stone Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Raspberry Ice Cream

Robert Brownie Jr

Yum, this is berry brownie.

This creation is loaded with fudge brownie pieces and sweet raspberries.



1. Choose Ice Cream Type

  • Dairy Free

  • Original

2. Choose Toppings

  • Sprinkles (V)

  • Dark Chocolate Drops (V)

  • Crunchie

  • Fudge

  • Coconut (V)

  • Fresh Strawberries (V)

  • Marshmallows

  • Cookies

  • Oreos (V)

  • Flake

  • Chopped Nuts (V)

  • White Chocolate Drops

3. Choose Sauce

  • Strawberry (V)

  • Chocolate (V)

  • Chocolate (V)

  • Caramel

  • Hot Nutella

  • Kinder Bueno

  • Ferrero Rocher

  • Milky Way (White Chocolate)

  • Oreo

  • Cookies and cream



Arctic Stone DIY Hot Fudge Brownies

DIY Hot Fudge Brownies

Two Brownies - each gets gets two toppings and a sauce of your choice! 🍫

Arctic Stone DIY Cheesecake

DIY New York style Cheesecake

Two slices of Cheesecake - each gets two toppings and a sauce of your choice! 🍨🍓

Arctic Stone DIY Cookies


Choose from White chocolate Chip or Chocolate Chip!





You can also order ice cream for delivery from:

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Bombay Pantry: Here

Fifty4 Restaurant & Pizzeria: Here

Impasto8: Here

Manna Drone Delivery: Here


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