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Arctic Stone x Bombay Pantry: Ireland's Best Indian and Ice Cream Collaboration!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

We are delighted to have officially launched the ultimate 🍛&🍨 collaboration. We have officially launched at Bombay Pantry and what a collaboration it is! 🙌 We all know you drink milk to cool down after spicy food....but cooling down with cold Arctic Stone ice cream just seems so much better 🤤


So, why is this collaboration amazing? Well, we all know that when you eat spicy foods you drink milk to cool down. According to this article, the reason to drink/eat dairy is because..."a protein in dairy called casein binds to capsaicin (that's in spicy peppers) and takes the heat-generating compounds out of your mouth, shuttling them through your digestive system and helping your mouth cool down quicker".

Other options to cool you down include eating bread for absorption or drinking milk.. but ice cream just seems so much better. So, with an option to eat Arctic Stone - you don't have to ask us twice! 😜

Bombay Pantry bring you classic dishes as well as a new style of Indian food, with options for everyone! But whether you go for something spicy or mild, our ice cream is just as satisfying after 🤭👌

Bombay Pantry was set up 20 years ago as a small Indian food-to-go shop in South County Dublin, just off the Glenageary roundabout. "The idea was to produce really top quality Indian food to go, restaurant quality food at home". They wanted "to give customers a truly Indian food experience of the highest quality not traditionally seen in the market".


Like us at Arctic Stone, quality is extremely important to Bombay Pantry. Their "promise is 100% natural fresh food cooked to order". It is clean food, no nasties, no MSG, no additives!

Like us they endeavour to buy Irish, using the freshest ingredients, locally sourced where possible 🙌


Tame the spicy flame at Bombay Pantry with two of our signature flavours 🔥

Cookie Monster - made with chocolate chip cookies & real Belgian dark chocolate sauce 🍪🍨

Salted Caramel - made with Waterford dulce de leche & real Maldron sea salt flakes 🧂🍨


You can pick up this amazing combination from all of the South Side Bombay Pantry stores 📍

Find us in the freezer:

@ Clonskeagh

@ Glenageary

@ Rathfarnham

@ Rathmines

@ Walkinstown

We are buzzing to be rolling out this collaboration, what a brilliant way to start December 💙💛

Let us know what you think and where you want to see us next!

Share this with someone you wanna get 🍛 &🍨 with, from the Best ice cream in Ireland and one of the the 12 Best ice cream spots in Ireland 😜


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