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Arctic Stone x Mossy Earth - "Ice Cream With A Conscience" Campaign!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Arctic Stone x Mossy Earth - Irish Reforestation Campaign

Ice cream today for a better tomorrow! 🌍

Arctic Stone x Mossy Earths "Ice Cream With A Conscience" Campaign! ⏬🍨

One of our main values at Arctic Stone and a goal we have set as a business is to always have a positive social impact on our customers and our community. So, we have partnered with Mossy Earth, a group dedicated to improving and protecting our wildlife and ecosystem!

We understand the importance of environmental issues - reducing carbon emissions, and the impact we have every day. We have made decisions with this in mind - from using bio packaging, the removal of plastics from our service and having almost zero food waste.


But we have always wanted to do more and prove small businesses can have a positive impact! 🌍🌳So, we set out a plan to work with Mossy Earth to create a cleaner ecosystem and a brighter future for generations.

For every ice cream tub we sell, we are planting Native trees around Ireland and getting involved in nesting programs for Native Irish wildlife.


At the start of this collaboration we set a target to plant 50 trees in Co Clare by the end of October, 100 by December & over 300 by the end of 2021. We have reached our October target two weeks earlier than anticipated... so our new goal is to plant over 400 trees by the end of 2021!

Some of the trees planted in Co Clare as part of Arctic Stone x Mossy Earth

For months, we've worked on our own range of signature and customisable flavours in pint tubs, aiming to put our spin on the classics and take on the giants, Ben & Jerry! We listened to customers feedback, researched, and worked with some fantastic producers to bring Irish innovation to a much-loved dessert.

We have 100's of combinations with no preservatives, no Palm oil, 100% eco-friendly packaging/no plastic and vegan/ dairy-free options all freshly hand made in our shops by our ice cream experts. Always endeavouring to do more, we push forward, working with farmers and producers to create more sustainable supply chains, aiming to further improve our environmental impact and create a lasting difference one spoon at a time.

We are so proud of this collaboration, so far Mossy Earth have offset over 597 TONNES of Co2 from Irish Atmosphere, and we're proud to be part of their work. We are looking forward to what's yet to come!

If you want to know more about our mission - Follow this link. 🇮🇪🌳 #reforestireland


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