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From Thailand to Ireland: The Global Odyssey of Rolled Ice Cream and the Arctic Stone Revolution

On the streets of Thailand
On the streets of Thailand

The evolution of ice cream has taken an intriguing turn with the introduction of rolled ice cream, also known as stir-fried ice cream, from the bustling streets of Thailand. This delectable frozen treat, crafted through a unique and visually captivating process, has become a sensation in its home country and traversed continents, landing in unexpected places. One such place is Ireland, where the innovative minds behind Arctic Stone successfully brought the Thai-inspired rolled ice cream experience to captivate the Irish palate.

Origins of Rolled Ice Cream in Thailand:

The roots of rolled ice cream can be traced back to the vibrant street markets of Thailand, particularly in the capital city of Bangkok, during the early 2000s. Street vendors, renowned for their culinary skills and creativity, began experimenting with a novel method of ice cream preparation that involved freezing a liquid base on a super-cold metal plate. This method, which requires meticulous chopping, mixing, and rolling, results in thin, delicate layers of frozen goodness that are not only delicious but also visually stunning.

Vibrant Thailand Markets

The popularity of rolled ice cream surged on the streets of Thailand, becoming a favourite among locals and tourists alike. The unique preparation method and the ability to customise flavours and toppings turned rolled ice cream into a street food sensation.

The Global Spread:

The global phenomenon of rolled ice cream can be attributed in part to the power of social media. Videos showcasing the mesmerising process of crafting rolled ice cream went viral, sparking interest and curiosity worldwide. The trend quickly transcended its Thai origins, with dessert shops and vendors in various countries adopting the technique and putting their creative spin on the frozen delicacy.

Enter Arctic Stone: Bringing Thai-Inspired Bliss to Ireland

Ice Cream Vans for Parties and Events

Amid this global wave, Arctic Stone emerged as a pioneer in Ireland, introducing rolled ice cream to the Irish populace. Founded by a team of innovative entrepreneurs with a passion for unique and high-quality desserts, Arctic Stone sought to create an experience that combined the rich tradition of Irish ice cream with the exciting flair of Thai-inspired rolled ice cream.

The founders of Arctic Stone were inspired by their travels and the global culinary landscape, recognising the potential for rolled ice cream to captivate the Irish market. In 2017, Arctic Stone opened its doors in Dublin, becoming the first establishment in Ireland to specialise in the art of rolled ice cream.

The Arctic Stone Experience:

Arctic Stone's introduction of rolled ice cream to Ireland brought a new level of excitement to the dessert scene. Creating rolled ice cream right before the customers' eyes became a form of entertainment, transforming ordering dessert into a captivating show. The customisable nature of rolled ice cream allowed patrons to choose their base flavour, mix in a variety of ingredients, and witness the entire process from liquid to rolled perfection.

The menu at Arctic Stone features diverse flavours and toppings, from classic combinations like Cookie Monster & Salted Caramel to inventive creations inspired by Irish and international culinary traditions like Eaton Mess and Banoffee Pie. This fusion of Thai technique with local flavours resonated with the Irish palate, creating a unique and enjoyable experience for dessert enthusiasts.

Cultural Impact and Evolution:

Arctic Stone's success in introducing rolled ice cream to Ireland is a culinary accomplishment and a testament to the evolving landscape of globalised food culture. The fusion of a Thai-inspired dessert with the rich traditions of Irish ice cream demonstrates the cross-cultural appeal and adaptability of culinary innovations.

Arnotts Pop Up Shop
Semi-permanent shopping centre installations

As Arctic Stone continues to thrive and inspire a new wave of dessert enthusiasts in Ireland, it signifies the global food revolution's broader impact and unique culinary experiences' ability to transcend borders. Rolled ice cream, once a Thai street food phenomenon, has now become a beloved treat in the heart of Dublin, thanks to the vision and creativity of Arctic Stone.


The journey of rolled ice cream from the streets of Thailand to the charming lanes of Ireland, mainly through the pioneering efforts of Arctic Stone, is a testament to the transformative power of culinary innovation and cultural exchange. As dessert lovers in Ireland savour the Thai-inspired delight of rolled ice cream, they enjoy a frozen treat and partake in a global culinary journey connecting diverse traditions and flavours. The story of Arctic Stone and rolled ice cream in Ireland showcases the delightful intersection of creativity, cultural appreciation, and the universal love for a sweet indulgence.

Blackrock market Arctic Stone shop
Our shop at Blackrock Markets

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