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The Best Hot Chocolate in Dublin? Arctic Stone's Wonderful Winter Warmers 🔥

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

As the days get colder, at Arctic Stone we wanted to add a little warmth to your day, so when you're out on an evening stroll and need a little pick-me-up we've got you covered! 🔥 We've launched our Winter Warmers Range of Deluxe Hot Chocolate, with everything from white chocolate, to hazelnut to coconut hot chocolate delights. Our Winter Warmers are perfect to keep you cosy, who needs gloves when you've got hot chocolate 👀

Although (after lots of testing in our hot chocolate lab) this range launched only last week, it has already made it onto All The Food's List of 'The Best Hot Chocolates in Dublin' and one of our specialties got a shout out on Lovin Dublin! And let me tell ya, there is a reason why - our hot chocolate is incredible 🍫😍

We'll let you see for yourself!


First up on our list we've got our Melted Kinder Bueno Hot Chocolate


Indulge yourself in heaven in a cup 😍

Picture this...Real Belgian Milk Chocolate and layers of melted Kinder Bueno topped with house made whipped cream, sprinkled with Flake and drizzled with Kinder Bueno Sauce❗

If you've had our Kinder Bueno Sauce with our ice cream you'll know what this is all about, if you haven''s divine 💙


Next up, we've got our Melted MilkyBar Hot Chocolate


This is perfect for any white chocolate lovers! 👌

This sweet and creamy creation is made using Real Belgian Milk chocolate, mixed with Melted MilkyBar and is topped with house made whipped cream, sprinkled with Flake & drizzled with Melted MilkyBar!

This has gotta be on every Hot Chocolate Bucket List! 🤤🍫


Third on the list is our Melted Nutella Hot Chocolate


This familiar chocolatey flavour with its hazelnutty undertones is to die for 😇

This beauty is created in our Hot Chocolate Lab with Real Belgian Milk Chocolate and layers of Hot Nutella, it's topped with house made whipped cream, sprinkled with Flake & drizzled in hot Nutella! 😋

This is our take on a classic and it will warm you up for sure 🔥


Next up is our Melted Raffaello Hot Chocolate


This is extraordinary, the almond-coconut flavour of this creation brings a whole new world of flavours to Hot Chocolate - something we've never experienced before 🤯🍫

It's made using real Belgian Milk Chocolate, overflowing with layers of Melted Raffaello and is topped with house made whipped cream, crumbled flake & desiccated coconut! 🍫


Last but by no means least, is our Melted Ferrero Rocher Hot Chocolate


This beauty deserved all the hype she got during the week, even getting a shoutout on Lovin Dublin! 🥰

It's created with, you guessed it, Real Belgian Milk Chocolate, with layers of Melted Ferrero Rocher and is topped with house made whipped cream, crumbled Flake & more Ferrero Rocher!

The best part is it tastes as good as it looks! 😜


We hope you enjoyed this round-up of our Wonderful Winter Warmers. If you wanna check out All The Food's Article on the 'Best Hot Chocolates in Dublin' you can do so here. If you want to try out some of these creations you can buy them at our Blackrock Store 🤩

If you're in need of some cooling down, you can do so with some of our ice cream which you can order for delivery here. If you've not tried our ice cream it is incredible, there's a reason you find our business on lists such as Where to get the Best ice cream in Ireland and 12 Best ice cream spots in Ireland.

Share this list with someone who loves hot chocolate, let us know what you think of our Winter Warmers and what you'd like to see on our menu next! 💙


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