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WAGGIN DAZ - Ice Cream For Dublin Doggos from Arctic Stone Ireland 🐶🍨

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Ice cream for you and your best friend! 🐶🍨

Man and dog eating ice cream

Lifes been a bit woof on everyone this year, so we decided to bring some happiness to our 4 legged best friends as well 🍨 So now you can treat yourself and your buddy to our signature blends of ice cream.

Introducing Waggin Dasz!

Dog eating ice cream

We've been working on introducing this Dog friendly recipe for months!

We've got some amazing Doggo Flavours including Peanut Butter & Banana and Fresh Blueberry 😎🐕

Our Waggin Daz Ice Cream is:

Lactose free ✅

Gluten Free ✅

No additives✅

Real ingredients✅

And hand made by us for your bud✅

What makes it even better is a portion of sales to @dogstrust_ire 💙

Know someone who'd love to treat their doggo? Let them know! 😊🍨🐶


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