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What We Care About! Our Values at Arctic Stone Hand Rolled Ice Cream

At Arctic Stone, instilling the values we care about has been important - so that as we grow, the essence of Arctic Stone and the recipe that makes us unique stays the same and really, grows stronger.

Here are 5 things we care about...



Arctic Stone Kinder Bueno Ice Cream

Our values at Arctic Stone - the quality and innovative nature of our products, the first-class customer service we provide and the knowledge that when you support us you are supporting a brand that cares, affects how our products taste - making them all that much sweeter! 🍨💙

It is true that people eat with their eyes, but when it comes to food - taste truly is king 👑

We aim to provide flavour, excitement, and innovation to all our creations.

The balance of Eastern techniques, with the freshest and highest quality Irish produce, results in our uniquely creamy texture and multi-award-winning flavours.

We believe we have created the most unique and best tasting ice cream in Ireland 💚



Arctic Stone Ice Cream Image - salted caramel, cookie monster, berry cheesecake, vegan oreo

Whilst travelling Asia, our founder Caolán Cullen, was encapsulated by the art form that is hand rolled ice cream. His intrigue led to him being trained in the form firsthand by the Asian street food vendors but he knew the end product could be drastically improved by using quality ingredients.

From our earliest days, using good quality and local produce has been at the heart of our business, working with the best chefs we know to create the finest ratios and blends 👩‍🍳

Our multi-award-winning ice-cream is handmade in Ireland with natural ingredients, no preservatives, no palm oils and is sold in 100% compostable packs 🙌



Arctic Stone Ice Cream Innovation Awards

Ice cream is all about innovation 🍨

Innovation for us is all about creativity and improving the way we do things. Our award-winning flavours and techniques give people a taste sensation! The beauty of the Arctic Stone Hand Rolled experience is that our theatrical and energising creation process encapsulates all the senses - there is an experimental wow factor 🤯

We encourage innovation with everyone involved in Arctic Stone - from our rollers to our customers. Our ability to personalise each creation, be it in store or for our 'At Home' Tubs makes us unique! We don't want to let the flavours on our menu cap our customers' creativity - we want to give you what you really want 🔥



Arctic Stone Hand Rolled Ice Cream Staff

Our brand is innovative and fun. Whether you are 8 or 80 you are welcomed 👋

At Arctic Stone, our people are our power, we hire staff that are passionate about people, that transcend positivity and that provide the first-class customer service that we pride ourselves on 🥰

What sets us apart is how we personalise our experience to suit every unique customer or client. Our goal as a business is that no one gets left out, if you have any ailment or dietary requirement we’ve got you covered, be it a gluten, lactose or nut intolerance, for example, we will find a solution to meet your needs 🤔💡😁

The joy that is brought to people by what we do and the whole customer experience, really, is what we thrive on. We only settle for 100% customer satisfaction and that is why some of Ireland's biggest and best-known brands call on us time and time again to give their event the wow factor they deserve 💙



Arctic Stone x Mossy Earth Ice Cream with a conscience campaign

As a business, we have always been conscious of the impact we have on our customers, our local community and the environment. We are firm believers that even as a small business we can make a difference! 🌍

From the beginning of our journey, we have strived to have a positive social impact and this has been at the heart of every business decision we make, from sourcing ingredients from local suppliers to using biodegradable packaging 🍨

As a business, we have focused on taking actions that have long-term, sustainable benefits. Understanding the danger of climate change, we want to do our part for future generations. We have an official partnership with Mossy Earth - for our “Ice Cream with Conscience” Campaign. For every pint tub we sell, we plant native trees around Ireland, reducing our carbon footprint and engaging in re-nesting projects for native Irish wildlife, creating a healthier ecosystem 🌲

Alongside our environmental initiatives, we love doing what we can to help raise money and awareness for charities.

One thing about us and something we have always cared about as a business is spreading positivity across our local community and giving back to those who support us. Be it our “Share A Smile” Campaign or competitions for followers – you will always see us doing our best to spread positive vibes across Dublin 👌


We hope you enjoyed finding out some more about us, if there's anything more you'd like to know comment below or let us know over on our socials!💙


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