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Arctic Stone Hand Rolled Ice Cream - We've landed our first retail location @ Lotts & Co

We've done it!

You can now pick up our award-winning line of handmade tubs from our 1st retail partners - Lotts & Co. Absolutely elated to have gotten this over the line and be part of the Lotts and Co family.

Arctic Stone Ice Cream Retail at Lotts & Co

You can now find 3 different flavours of our award-winning, handmade tubs in both locations:

📍Beggars bush


5 1/2 years ago traveling Asia, I had this idea to set up an ice cream company with a difference. Aged 22, with no experience/ real skills & flat broke, with a dream to create something that transcends all demographics with taste & makes people smile whilst doing our part for the community. To see us on a retail shelf is a stratospheric feeling, & something I'll never forget.

Getting here has taken us almost 5 years of making ice cream in every weather condition imaginable, no matter the weather we'd show up, and we couldn't have done it without each and every one of your happy faces coming to our stall/ shops.

People told me it's a bad idea..."You're going to sell ice cream in Ireland...but it's freezing"

"Yeah it'll be fun, trust me"

Arctic Stone Hand Rolled Ice Cream Retail Location at Lotts & Co

All I can say is if you want something badly enough, keep the mind disciplined and just enjoy it, it'll happen. It may take 5 years working outside in every weather condition, but the feeling is like no other.

So when it gets tough out there, just remember why you started in the first place! Just relax, have fun, always show up, believe and work on yourself and dream up a good life.

Thank you for all the support/feedback & for helping us out, I'm forever grateful.

Pick up a tub & let us know what you think? Much love and let's go make a difference one spoon at a time!


You can also order ice cream for delivery from :

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