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Arctic Stone Hand Rolled Ice Cream: From Asia to Éire - Our Origin Story


Whilst travelling South East Asia in the Summer of 2016, our founder Caolán Cullen was encapsulated by the street food culture. A man with a massive passion for good food, food design and creativity, he was intrigued after coming across the unusual method of producing ice cream 😲🤯

When Caolán came across the ice cream roll street food vendors he was so intrigued by the process he ended up standing and watching them for a half hour in 40 degree heat 🌞😎

Ice Cream Rolls  Stall at Asian Street Food Market

The ice cream wasn't that nice but Caolán stayed on to learn about it just out of curiosity. He even ended up getting trained first hand in the process by the street food vendors.

Caolán at this point had no intention of starting a business....but when he came home he could not stop thinking about his experience. He knew that with access to the best ingredients in Ireland to create any flavour or texture...this could be amazing! 🍨😋



Caolán started researching and found out that this ice cream style had cropped up in edgy underground ice cream parlours in New York.

So...he decided to travel to New York to see what it was like 🧳

In January 2016, at 11.45pm Caolán was outside a New York ice cream parlour, in the snow, with about 45 others, queueing for ice cream 🍨🌨

The ice cream was made using the Asian technique with American designs. Caolán eventually got to try some and loved it - but with an Irish twist it could be even better!



Arctic Stone Hand Rolled Ice Cream Containers

After New York, Caolán returned to work in a bar, and began putting a plan together.

Working with food since the age of 13 definitely helped with this process. He started developing brand ideas and cool ratios and blends of ice cream 👩‍🍳

He also purchased his first cold plate from China - an essential element of the hand rolled ice cream creation process 🍨

Caolán played around with a few potential business names, 'The Rolling Stone' & 'Frosties' to name but a few. He eventually decided on 'Arctic Stone' as the Arctic sits at -30 degrees ❄🥶


APRIL 2016

In April 2016, Caolán had a small launch night for family and friends, to get feedback.

He had anonymous feedback cards so he would get honest reviews, which worked out really welll! 👌


MAY 2016

Arctic Stone Hand Rolled Ice Cream Market Stall

In May 2016, Caolán launched a pop up stall in Blackrock Market 📍 – this was just the beginning of the Arctic Stone journey 🤩



Caolán also managed to get into People's Park in Dun Laoghaire 📍 after approaching them his idea.

He got a one day trial and sold out on the first day! 🤯

Arctic Stone Hand Rolled Ice Cream Market Stall Dun Laoghaire


By the end of Summer of 2016, Arctic Stone was in 3-4 different locations 🔥

Arctic Stone Chocolate Brownie Hand Rolled Ice Cream


MAY 2017

Caolán then got the opportunity to open a stall in Blackrock Market 🏪

In May 2017, he signed a lease to take over a kiosk. And in June, construction began 👷‍♂️



In August 2017, Caolán opened up the Blackrock Market Store, a major achievement for us!

And this was just the beginning of the Arctic Stone Journey!

Check out our Blackrock Store ⬇⬇⬇


We hope you enjoyed this insight into how we got started and appreciate all your support!

If you'd like to try out our new ice cream tubs you can order for delivery in the Dublin/Bray Area here.

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